SWEAT Hearts

We went and had a spa day at a day spa the doesn't allow talking. Seems relaxing right? The only problem is that anytime we are together we nonstop laugh like 10 year olds...even in our 30 year old bodies. We walked into a sauna packed with about 8 other people (it was huge) that had been in there for probably 15 minutes and were just starting to develop sweat beads. Not even 2 minutes into us sitting in the sauna, Sam started PROFUSELY dripping sweat---like the kind you would see in a cartoon. She looked over at Carisah with perfect sparkly glistening Twilight Vampire skin and her sweat dripped all over Carisah's feet. It was at THAT very moment that we could not control our laughing and hopped from location to location throughout the day spa trying to compose ourselves and it just wouldn't happen. Then Sam did the arctic plunge in one of the freezing pools and was somehow STILL sweating. and THAT is why we named this our SWEAT heart Drop! Have fun shopping!