Step by Step

It all started in Carisah's kitchen. Sam looked at Carisah as said "you look EXACTLY like Bret Michaels right now". Then Carisah proceeded to sing one of his songs with some heavy hip thrusts thrown in there for performance and SAM LOST IT. Instant laughter. Instant tears. Instant pee. She went to the stairs to head down to her room in the basement and Carisah saw sam fall flat to her butt and bounce step by step all the way down her stairs.

*insert more laughter*

*insert more pee*

Our friend Amy was with us and said, "Sam, I don't know why you don't just wear a panty liner for your laughter. I have one in the bathroom." Sam decided to take Amy up on the offer and then proceeded to come out of the bathroom crying laughing screaming, "AMY! YOU DIDNT TELL ME THESE HAD WINGS" as her Always pad wings showed clear as day outside of her boy shorts.