OK, not really but I like to throw that in her face because one time she basically swooned at his "muscles" like a teenage girl on High School Musical and we still can't stop laughing about it. Here's the story...I'm pretty sure this story is what the entire movie of INCEPTION was based on so follow with me. Everything is real but also, everything is fake. Confused yet? GOOD. Let's journey together...

If you haven't read how Sam and I met (YOU SHOULD), it was in a class in college, specifically an Upper Division California History class taught by Dr. Garrone. I had no idea. I thought this was a lower division class that would talk about warm fuzzies of gold mining and maybe like Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. I was so wrong. Within a month I was elbows deep in studying train tracks, gold mining, fur trades of sea otters, conquistadores, and Yosemite. 

For our final, we had to write a paper and give a presentation on any of the topics we studied that semester and I chose to write about the damming of the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite. SIDE NOTE: the day we had to give our presentations I literally had to crawl out of the class during a kid's presentation because Sam and I couldn't stop laughing (we don't laugh at or make fun of people typically) but this kid was actually laughing at himself. He was so nervous for his presentation that it was pretty evident he smoked a GIANT (Scooby) DOOBIE before class and he literally giggled for 10 straight minutes as he presented on the otter fur trade and I STILL. TO THIS DAY. CANNOT STOP LAUGHING ABOUT WHAT I WITNESSED.

OK BACK TO MY HOT DAD. (cringing). Before we moved to Iowa we went to Yosemite (because my parents never took me there growing up and I remind them of that still to this day) with my dad and it was incredible. EVERYONE MUST GO AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME! We saw El Capitan, Half Dome, the valley, and our final stop on the way out was to look at the Hetch Hetchy Dam since I lost 3 months of my life writing about it (actually is a very interesting story if you ever get the itch to read about it). I wanted to take a picture of the dam so I took one of my dad with my youngest daughter madden on his shoulders in front of the dam so that I could send it to Sam. This is what it looked like:

...but I wanted to spice it up a bit so I photoshopped Dr. Garrone's (our professor) face over my dad's, my face over madden's and fully added Sam to the picture so it looked like THIS:


and immediately sent it to Sam saying "Loved our trip to the Hetch Hetchy today!"

and she responded with lots of laughter and said "DANG SIS! Jared's (my husband) guns are looking goooood these days!"

and I responded with: SAM! THAT'S MY DAD!

and we will forever laugh about it.

and we will also remember it forever because for Christmas in 2018, this was my gift from Sam (featuring "HOT MARK")

PS. I can't handle "my" little feet