HOW WE MET: It all started with a dinosaur booger

It all started with a pretty sketchy situation. And by "sketchy", I mean an actual sketch. I (Carisah--the "Rosie" to this biz) was in second grade and had to draw a picture of my favorite act in the talent show. I chose to draw and write about a sassy first grader than nailed her tap dancing routine, which ended up being the one and only Sam aka "Jean" to our business. We also went to high school together. We knew who each other was but never hung out.

One day in college, I found myself in Dr. Garrone's California History class at California State University Stanislaus and in walks my favorite tap dancer, Sam herself...accompanied by something very questionable in her bangs. She sits right in front of me and we both say hi and hit it off immediately. I then follow up with, "Hey, you have something large and green in your bangs and I'd totally get it out for you but I'm pretty sure it's a dinosaur booger." She then shook her head and out popped basically an entire avocado. If you know Sam at all and her love for food...none of this would be followed up with any further questions. More like a "sounds about right" because the time she spends with food (aka eating) is wild, romantic, spicy, and unpredictable.

That entire semester of college we studied together, cry-laughed so hard during other people's presentations that I had to actually exit the room because I couldn't compose myself, hung out so many times, bonded over our love for artichokes, had our first argument over whether or not you should dip an artichoke in butter or mayonnaise (the answer is BUTTER, don't fight me!), and formed an unbreakable bond of friendship that we now get to share with so many women of all ages all over the world!